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Passion Changes Everything

aliveThey say that whatever it is you’ve always done that makes the hours pass like minutes is your soul’s calling, and I would have to enthusiastically, whole-heartedly agree.

I’ve been bleeding words, poetry, and stories of all kinds since I can remember. When I pick up a pen and put it to a blank page, I truly feel a great, transformative freedom. It very often feels divine – a great, holy inspiration flows in and through me. Sometimes, and very often, the right words and the right ideas just magically appear inside of me, and I am prompted to create. It’s my calling.

For those of you that are, like me, passionate and divinely connected to the creation of art, you know that it is very often looked at as being unfruitful and a risky career choice. I’ve heard this, or received concerned looks, from friends and family who are concerned with my future. But, I’d like to refute this, right here and right now.

NEVER LET THE ODDS KEEP YOUR FROM DOING WHAT YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART YOU WERE MEANT TO DO. Seriously. Joseph Campbell so famously said that if you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else. I’ve also heard it said, from a source I cannot recall, that those who succeed are those who stick with it long enough to see the results.

Things sometimes don’t happen in the time or way you expect them to. Maybe you don’t land the publishing deal right away. Maybe your art piece won’t sell. Whatever it is, it can feel discouraging, and can make you feel like a total and utter failure.

Let me say this now, loud and clear: DON’T GIVE UP. Rejection doesn’t mean a thing; ask Oprah, who was once told that she was unfit for television. Or Einstein, who was told by teachers that he would never amount to anything. But, they didn’t let these sources of discouragement stop them from pursuing things they knew in their hearts they were meant to do.

They stuck with it. As we all should.

We HAVE to insist upon ourselves, and keep insisting upon ourselves every single day. Whatever you were put upon this earth to do, whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the mornings and makes your heart beat with furious love and fervor and passion, do that. Because if you do, and keep at it, wonderful and glorious things will ensue. Even if you can’t see that right away.

PASSION IS ENERGY, and that energy has the potential to move mountains, and bring into being all that you’ve ever imagined. Whatever it is you are passionate about is no accident, it is your calling.

Give yourself to this calling, and let this be the light of your life. (And, If you haven’t found your calling, keep looking. You’ll know it when you find it, trust me.)

Stay passionate, friends.




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