About Me

Though my ‘self’ is an ever-changing collection of desires and reflections, for now we’ll pin it down to this: I enjoy doing my part to awaken, move, shake, and inspire while I dabble in healthy living, raw vegan cuisine, and a love for all things unusual.

Though I am not one thing (but many), there is one thing that remains the same: my insatiable need to create and express my world through the use of words.

 Welcome to  a little piece of my universe.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. oldkahuna says:

    I got attracted to your blog with the writing about being genuinely naked. I’ve done my best to live this way for quite some time. I think you are completely right on this one! I’ve discovered people naked in body who are disguised in fact…and vice versa. I’d like to be both naked in body and naked in spirit and mind. Namaste!

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