An Invitation to a Place-less Place From Which You’ve Never Left

I’d like to invite you to a place-less place.

Here there are no requirements,

no prerequisites,

and no agenda.



come as you are.


be as you are. 


I’d like to invite you to a place-less place —

dimensionless, timeless, boundless,

and free.

Here, there is no authority.


Here, there is no author

yet the story

is always being written.


Here we answer to the call of the wild,

Rising and falling like the ocean tide,

free to be.




Here, the greatest teacher is the wisdom of your life;

There is




Here there is endless surrender —

You won’t need your story,

your biography,

or your to-do list.


Here, it’s already being done.


Here there is only

what is

and it is without want;

We rest.

We rest and

there isn’t anything left to find.


I invite you to this place-less place

From which you’ve never left  —

You are here.

You are it.


Here, there is no there,

but only this.

Only here.




Just how far do you have to go to be who you’ve always been?

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