What Have You Forgotten?

Let me ask you this:

What have you forgotten?

What are you not seeing?

Have you become so lost in this dream that you’ve forgotten who you really are?

I don’t mean the labels given to you by society.

I don’t mean the labels you’ve given yourself.

What I’m referring to is not a concept; it’s something that words cannot ever touch.

It’s so close you might miss it, but…

You’ve never left it.

(you may imagine that you have).

Have you become so lost in this dream?

We seek endlessly for what we’ve forgotten.

We seek pleasure (but when we seek pleasure, we also invite pain. There cannot be one without the other)

We seek fulfillment in objects.

We seek pleasure in substances.

We look for answers in ancient texts that are only concepts pointing to what is not conceptual.

Ideas, names, and labels—

These are concepts which can only be formulated in thought.

What is not a thought?

Let me ask you again…. What is here that is NOT a thought?

Ask this question then let it go.

Ask this question and don’t try to find the answer in thought.

Holdhold in lightly.

Have you gotten lost in this dream?

In this dream we become fixated on ourselves.

We become hypnotized by our thoughts and we take ourselves to be a thought (you are much more).

Don’t you remember?

In this dream we think we are separate from all else,

But this cannot ever be.

Don’t you remember?

Who are you?

You are not a thought.

You are not your name.

You are not a label.

You are not your past.

You are not your future.

Who are you in this moment?

Don’t answer this in thought.

Ask it and hold it lightly…

Then let it go.

Have you gotten so lost in this dream?


The past is non-existent (can you touch it?)

The future is a concept (can you reach it?)

It’s only ever NOW.

Right now.

Don’t you remember?

Today I invite you to rest in this moment —

In this one Infinite now.

Remember that the boundaries between you and all else are only imagined.

On the surface there appears to be distance between you and all else,

But this is the greatest illusion.

There are no boundaries.

There are no borders.

There are no limits.

Don’t you remember?

Don’t you remember that you are the wave?

You are the wave that cannot ever possibly be separate from the ocean.



Have you gotten so lost in this dream?

Wake up.

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