Instant Abundance


What do you think of when you hear the word abundance? Possibly you think of having more of something – more money, better opportunities at work, more friends, more vacations, etc. I’ve also heard abundance described as the pursuit of ‘balance’, or being able to achieve harmony with all facets of your life, neither having too much nor having too little.

However, the pursuit of abundance still implies one thing: you are not okay just as you are.

Particularly in Western societies, negativity seems to be rampant — there is a constant reinforcement of the idea that we are not okay.  By and large, we’re told that having more of everything equals happiness. Every single day we are bombarded by advertisements telling us that our voids may be filled by purchasing a certain product. This kind of thing most certainly does not make for a very satisfied society. Why? Because there was never a void to begin with.

Here is an idea that will most likely sound a bit radical: You are perfectly alright, just as you are. 

This being said, there is certainly nothing at all wrong with goals or hoping to achieve something so long as this desire stems from a solid foundation of knowing that you are complete as you are and that no outside source can ever possibly deplete or add to that completion.

Often it’s easy to forget that life is a glorious, interconnected web of energy and that our lives are part of this vast, intelligent fabric. So often we overlook the abundance that is right here and right now, untouched and unmarred.

Let’s try something:

For a moment, forget your story. I’m serious – just for a moment, let it all go. Set it down. Anchor yourself with your breath, and stay fiercely present in this very moment. Stay in this moment, full and infinite – it’s all your truly have (and it’s enough. Boy, is it enough).

Now, I want you to place all of your awareness on your hands. You might notice that you feel them come alive when you do this – maybe they get warmer or more relaxed. Notice the energy coursing through them.

Now, expand that awareness to include your arms. All of your attention is on the feel of your arms. Notice how relaxed they become.

Expand this awareness now to your entire torso. Right now, an entire bacterial ecosystem the size of a rainforest is at work in there, keeping your body functioning.

With gentle ease, let the awareness expand, down to your legs and upward toward your head. All of your awareness is focused on what it feels like to be ‘you’.

That ‘you’ that you’re currently feeling is made up of about 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms (that’s about 7 octillion).

Stay with the feel of it.

With that same gentle awareness, feel the blood coursing through your body. This blood travels about 12,000 miles around your body in one day.

Your body is producing about 25 million new cells every second.

Now, turn your attention to the space around you.

It’s often said that humans have 5 senses, but in actuality, we have about 15, including the ability to balance and sense temperature.

Now, using those senses, check out the colors in the room. Find one that is particularly vibrant, and place your full attention on it. Don’t label it ‘purple’ or ‘orange’ or even ‘vibrant’, but just sit with it as it is. Let the color come alive.

Now, do the same with other colors in the room, no matter how dark or how vibrant. Be with it.

Now notice that in the seeing of these colors, there is little to no distinction between the seer (you) and the seen (the color). Where exactly does the seeing end and the object begin? Is there a difference between the seer and the seen?

Ask these questions lightly. Hold everything lightly.

As you look, know that your eyes are made up of over 2 million working parts.

If it’s daylight, look outside –I want you to notice the depth of the sky. I want you to really, really notice the depth of the sky. This, like you, is infinity – open, vast, and absolutely free of limitation.

Now, if that isn’t abundance already, I don’t know what is.

(And the funny thing is — once you begin to really, really take notice of the abundance that is already present, more abundance seems to drift your way.)


This life is abundance.

You are abundant.

You are perfection.

There isn’t anything you need.

After all, you’re everything



3 thoughts on “Instant Abundance

  1. Kristi R. says:

    Beautifully written and what a great reminder that we have everything…right here, right now. Thank you for this post!

  2. MissNix says:

    Thanks for this post. I tend to forget what’s really important.

  3. It is amazing how seek so much outside ourselves. Its never my goal, but I do it consistently. Thank you for the nudging reminder.

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