Life Worship

kiss ground

I find God all day, in small ways.

‘God’ as the almighty panoptic force, known as many different things, and going by many different names. (It’s all the same)

This is not the towering bearded man in the sky.

This is God as infinite love and energy, weaving the tapestry of our lives, embedded in our cells and flowing in and through everything.

I have a secret to share with you, and that is this: I have been irrevocably altered by kneeling down before that which is my life and praising its details. Each morning I make it my mission to be reverent and observant of the holiness that composes everything. 

I call this ‘everyday worship’, or ‘coming closer to God in moments disguised as everyday life’. As Rumi so aptly put it: “There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

None of this needs to happen in a church.

This is Living Room Worship. This is Bedroom Worship. This is Mountain-Top in the Summer-Time Worship. This is Watching the Sun Rise With Coffee Worship. Dance Worship. Drunken Fits of Laughter Worship. Smile on my Child’s Face Worship.

We’re all here with different quests, venturing through life with souls that inherently crave different things. We are born into this great mystery having only those answers that are etched into the linings of souls, making themselves known through our intuitions and deepest desires. It’s our mission to remember, and to really, really see the divinity dwelling in everything.

Those things that we love are no accident –we must worship them. We must worship them like instructions from God. We must worship them like they are the keys to our freedom. We are far more than skin and bone, after all –we are souls with bodies, flitting through space and time, innately aching to dance with those things that will set us on fire and bring us closer to our source.

You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips. -Oliver Goldsmith

You’ll know it when you find it – your divine order. Simply put, It feels like coming home.

For me, it’s that feeling of still and quiet happiness dancing rhythmically through my body after yoga. Closer to God. It’s seeing my daughter smile and laugh and play. Closer to God. Nourishing my body with the most natural foods. Closer to God. Waking up early when the house is quiet and still, pouring my heart out onto the page with a cup of strong coffee in hand –oh yeah, closer to God I come.

It’s that everyday, each-waking-moment, love-that-surrounds-me-all-the-time worship.

We can all access this by making the very conscious choice moment by moment do do more of what brings us closer to God. And sometimes these moments that deserve worship will be disguised as simple and seemingly mundane –so much so, that they are easy to miss. (Stay present). The simplest things can be deserving of praise: that first glorious sip of coffee in the morning. The sound of your lover’s voice.  Walking through grass totally barefoot. Looking into someones eyes and feeling safe. The scent of new books. All glorious, glorious, glorious.

Let’s turn our very lives into causes for devotion.

And closer to God we come.



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