The Burning Ceremony (setting your old self on fire)


As part of ringing in the new year, I’ve begun a tradition which helps to clear away all the things in my life which no longer serve me; I call it “The Burning Ceremony”.  Of course fire is an extremely powerful and symbolic element, used for creation and light, destruction and purification. Fire can be exceptionally useful in clearing away the old, making space for new energy and resurgence.

If you, too, are interested in creating your own personal renaissance, and burning the hell out of old ways to create space for the brighter days ahead, here’s how (it’s pretty simple):

Start by grabbing a sheet of a paper (nothing fancy because, after all, it’ll be ashes soon), and a pen –I personally choose my least-favorite colored markers to most effectively symbolize all of the unwanted in my life. You’ll also want some music to set the mood while you write your list, and, of course, a lighter.

It’s a good idea to begin by taking some time to breathe (really, really breathe), and settle into the space and the moment. Then, begin listing all the things (feelings, situations, events, etc.) that no longer serve you. This can be anything, from outlooks and attitudes that hinder success, to habits that push you off of your truest, highest, best path. Basically, write down whatever is you’d like to ‘burn’ and do away with from the previous year, or even further back than that.

I get pretty serious with this –I conjure up all the feelings from all the things I want to change, and pour those consequent feelings and emotions onto the paper.

Then, the best part of all: the burning. For me personally, I see this process as monumentally sacred and transformative, and heading outside to light my old self on fire feels pretty damn good. I let the ashes scatter in the wind, and watch happily as my life instantly feels restored.

The next step after all of this is to write your own personal mission statement for the year and beyond. Detail what you desire in the days to come –don’t leave anything out, even if it seems too lofty (trust me, nothing is). In the newly cleared space, this should also feel pretty transformative.

So, take about twenty golden minutes, allowing your paper to be your outlet, and the fire to help clear out all the ‘junk’ that’s accumulated in your life.

Pretty simple, and super effective.

Happy burning.

good vibes1

One thought on “The Burning Ceremony (setting your old self on fire)

  1. Sue B. says:

    What a great idea. Thanks.

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