Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

Let’s play pretend – let’s imagine that this world is one big glob of energy, a real-life matrix that we can mold and shape and alter and transform. Let’s pretend that what we’re seeing right this very minute is merely our own thoughts made manifest.

Journey with me for a moment:


Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese doctor, conducted an experiment during which he placed water molecules from different sources under a powerful microscope, and watched as the molecules would literally alter their expressions when presented with various thoughts, feelings, and words. He found that molecules exposed to loving thoughts and words would (seriously) morph into beautiful, symmetrical, snow-flake-like molecules, while molecules exposed to hateful thoughts and words would morph into dull, asymmetrical molecules.


What does this all mean?

Science and spirituality are joining hands at last, and revealing to us that we are more powerful than we may have ever realized.

Albert Einstein may have had a point when he said,

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

It’s said one way or another in religious texts across the globe, is beginning to be talked about more often, and quantum physics is telling us so: our thoughts and feelings have the ability to shape the world around us. Not only do our beliefs literally alter the functioning of our cells, but they can alter our molecular structure altogether. We can actually re-train our cells to be healthy. Considering our bodies are made up of mostly water, it’s easy to see how Dr. Emoto’s experiment would shed light on the importance of being conscious of our thoughts and feelings, as they will directly alter the composition of our bodies.

Other scientists have found that our thoughts and feelings also have the ability to rearrange events in time and space to bring to us exactly what we are emitting on a vibrational level. Atoms will rearrange themselves to give us exactly what we’re expecting.

It’s no wonder that those whose predominate thoughts are focused upon wealth and abundance tend to have wealth and abundance. Those whose predominate thoughts are on poverty and lack tend to attract more of the same. The same goes for every aspect of our lives – like attracts like.

So, I invite you to give it a shot. Journey down the rabbit hole:

  • Be aware that you are creating your own experience.   Everything in existence is comprised of energy, and your thoughts and feelings are, too. Though there is no explaining it, and sometimes it can be difficult to swallow, we are responsible for our lives, and have the insanely awesome ability to alter our experience.
  • Find out what you are wanting, and expect to get it.  This is where vision boards come in handy – map out with words and images what you want your life to look like. Then, have a deep, unwavering belief that those things will gravitate your way. Though it’s often difficult, and seemingly unrealistic, take your attention away from the ‘what is’ and place it whole-heartedly on the ‘what will be’.
  • Affirmations: they work.   Our beliefs about ourselves and our lives are very deep-rooted, and are often difficult to alter. Affirmations are a tool to help uproot some of those old beliefs and ideas so that you can plant new seeds in their place, allowing what you really want for yourself to take root.
  • Get rid of anything that opposes your vision. This could be emotions, people, events, or ideas that are holding you back, and getting in the way of being able to fully actualize your vision. It’s important to recognize where we’re stuck, so that we can begin to ditch the old and make room for the new.
  • Watch for it, wait for it.   Inspiration and ideas will start flowing into your experience like crazy – this could be through epiphanies, insights, thoughts, or circumstances. This sort of inspiration will occur seemingly out of nowhere, and generally will not come from your logical, thinking mind, but usually from an out-of-the-blue place, landing gracefully upon your mind like a spark. It’s up to you to turn it into a flame. These insights are coming your way (weirdly enough) to help guide you to your vision.
  • Take action.  Often, things will begin to flow effortlessly into your experience. At other times, it will require a bit of hustle. The inspiration and insights you’ll begin to receive will be hints at action you’ll need to take to bring about you desires. Take action when you feel inspired.
  • Express gratitude, dude. There is something so powerful about gratitude – expressing gratitude for what you have, while also expressing gratitude for those things you’re wanting (acting as though they’re already yours), will expedite the process of manifestation, and bring more blessings your way.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it on. Feel it out. Keep your heart and mind open to the very possibility that in this mysterious world we may be monumentally more powerful than we realize.

And maybe, just maybe, we’re onto something here.


(Here’s to employing imagination and emitting those good vibes.)




One thought on “Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

  1. Another very interesting post about how to shape our lives and get in tune with ourselves and the world around. I have heard about Masaru Emoto and his work is quite astonishing.

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