5 Reasons You Should Be Naked Right Now


We should be naked, all the time – stark naked; au naturel; unclad. In fact, if you aren’t naked right now, I’m going to spend the remainder of this article convincing you to do so.

And, by the way, this kind of nakedness has nothing to do with showing skin or throwing your t-shirt and jeans on the floor. This is a different kind of naked; this kind of naked exposes your inner-self and puts it on display.

If this sounds pretty scary to you, you aren’t alone. Trust me.

I used to think that being vulnerable was a weakness; if I were to expose myself in my fullness, it meant leaving myself incredibly unprotected and susceptible to all kinds of harm. I thought that the real strength was wearing my suit of armor at all times and marching through life with a militant heart and mind. Of course, this isn’t a way to live and authentic life, or to feel any sort of true connection with anyone or anything.

Sometimes we get the message that we’re supposed to hush the most sensitive parts of ourselves and ultimately be less volatile and less emotional. Of course what this creates is a culture of censorship, unexpressed emotion that turns to fear and anger, and disconnection to ourselves and those around us.

So, here’s the mission: strip down bare, let your guard down, and dare to be seen and heard in your fullness. Become as open and vulnerable as possible. Say what you really feel. Fully express your needs and desires. Let your emotions run free and your deepest truths be heard; come exactly as you are. 

Here’s five reasons to undress, right now:


When you so boldly decide to start being vulnerable and open, you will find that even though you’ll lose some connections, the situations, events, and people in your experience will become better suited for your soul. Your newly authentic world will become vast and joyful, full of deep intimacy. If you never dare to be seen, heard, and felt, you’ll never know just how big your world can become.


Being alive means having the desire for connection; we all, on some level, seek to be understood and to fit in. Therefore, it’s normal to be afraid of expression (after all, if what we naturally desire is connection, what we might fear the most, consciously or not, is losing those connections.) But, when we take the often difficult journey of putting ourselves out there, we will experience intimate, delicious connection dripping with authenticity. What’s really awesome is a life of full expression – feeling seen, heard, and valued for what we really are, and being vulnerable is the only way to experience that.


When you are afraid of what lives inside of you and hold back from full, unfiltered expression, you are rejecting bits of yourself – bits of you that are just as real as the tangible parts. Living this way for a long period of time begins to build walls, and we lose touch with ourselves. In being vulnerable, and beginning to love who you are, you begin dismantling your wall bit by bit. When you reclaim your own precious heart, and accept yourself in your entirety, you will then begin to love and see the light in others, too; you’ll hear what they aren’t saying and feel what they aren’t expressing. Your ability to empathize and love becomes expanded.


The only way to find what’s best for your soul is to show your true colors, in their full vibrancy. Keeping a mask on will only attract dishonesty and disingenuous connections, and keep circumstances and people in your experience that aren’t a match for your unique spirit. It may seem risky to undress; people and things may fall out of your experience, but even better, more valuable connections will be made.


If you could see into the hearts of everyone in the world, you’d find that we all share, to some degree, being a little scared of vulnerability. We all have something inside of us that we keep hidden in fear of being unworthy, unlovable, inappropriate or flawed. In daring to express yourself fully, you may just give others courage to do the same, too. We’re all in this together.

So go ahead, it’s okay – strip down and let it all hang out. Feel the freedom of being in your metaphorical birthday suit. Let the world really see you, and don’t for one minute be ashamed. Being vulnerable is just about the most courageous thing you can do; even if it takes a ton of practice and time, your nakedness will be the key to your freedom.



2 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Be Naked Right Now

  1. I think I need to keep hearing this over and over. Thank you

  2. shane west says:

    I am proud to be naked,a naturist,i hate clothes and as we all say,we were all born naked.
    We just wear clothes to keep us warm on cold days but I just want to live my normal lifestyle whether at work,shopping or free time 24/7/365/
    I as a single man is looking for love with a like minded lady to share this naked,naturist lifestyle together

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